Opt in on the Summer Commission Discount offer

Because more tourists are expected in the upcoming months, Booking.com offers hotels a commission discount. This initiative is part of their Partner Performance Investment Programme that invests in partners' financial recovery through incentives. After you’ve fulfilled one of the opt-in criteria and reached the required sales target, you’ll receive a 30% discount on all overnight stays exceeding the target, from 13 May to 11 September 2022. The sales target takes into account local market conditions and travel restrictions.  

There are 2 ways to opt in on the Summer Commission Discount programme:

  • Set up a mobile rate to appeal to a growing audience
    An advantageous rate for reservations made via mobile helps you reach a growing audience: more and more travellers use their smartphone when researching or booking a trip. Over 60% of searches and bookings on Booking.com occur through the app. Hotels that implement a mobile rate receive on average 28% more bookings from mobile devices. You can set up your mobile rate in the Cubilis Channel Manager.
  • Boost your visibility with the Genius Programme
    With the Genius Programme, you can increase your visibility by up to 40% towards high-value bookers. This audience books further in advance, cancels less and writes more and better reviews. Appeal to returning Booking.com customers and boost your revenue by offering them better value on your most popular/cheapest rooms.

These opt-in criteria have been selected with the purpose of increasing your visibility on the platform and capturing high-conversion audiences, which in turn helps you unlock the commission discount faster. If you already use one of these options, you’re all set!

Mobile rate & Genius programme

How to participate

You can sign up for the Summer Commission Discount offer through your hotel’s Extranet page on Booking.com.

  • Go to ’Opportunities’.
  • Click on ‘Partner Commission Discount’.
  • After reviewing the offer, hit ‘Get started’.
  • Fulfil the opt-in criterion (Mobile Rates, Genius, or no opt-in criteria).
  • Once done, click on ‘Join offer’ to activate the programme.

You can opt in on this discount offer until 7 May and the discount is applicable on stay dates exceeding the sales target from 13 May to 11 September 2022.

Want more information?

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