Work with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

As a hotelier, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Online Travel Agencies: websites that allow travellers to find and book rooms. Although the commissions they charge could be considered expensive, being present on these channels is a must if you want your hotel to be found by potential clients.

OTAs can be divided into two main categories: large international ones and smaller ones that often target a specific region. Choose the right OTAs for optimal ROI based on your accommodation type, target audience and location. Not only do OTAs increase your indirect reservations, but they can also lead to more direct bookings thanks to the billboard effect. Around 52% of travellers switch to your official website after discovering you on an OTA!

Benefit from the billboard effect of OTAs

With Cubilis Channel Manager, you can manage all connected OTAs efficiently and avoid overbookings. Changes to your rates and availability are synchronised in real time on all your online booking channels. Connect with 200+ OTAs, from large players like, Expedia, Airbnb and Agoda to local ones like Logeren in Vlaanderen Vakantieland and

Place your hotel on metasearch engines

Though indispensable, OTAs are not the be-all and end-all of your hotel’s online distribution. Another tool travellers often use to find an accommodation are metasearch engines, because they allow for easy comparison of prices on various booking websites and highlight the cheapest option.

Metasearch platforms don’t sell rooms but facilitate the reservation by redirecting users to booking websites, often in exchange for a listing fee and a referral commission. They’re a great medium to showcase your property and promote your direct booking channel as well. A few important ones for hotels to use are Google Hotel Search, TripAdvisor and Trivago.

If you want your hotel and direct booking channel to stand out from the competition, consider advertising on these platforms. Usually, you can opt for a cost-per-click, cost-per-acquisition or cost-per-stay commission model.  

Connect with Global Distribution Systems

A Global Distribution System (GDS) offers travel agents access to accurate, real-time prices and availability of various travel-related services, from flights to hotel rooms and car rental. Especially corporate clients often rely on travel agencies to arrange business trips for employees.  

For hotels, Global Distribution Systems provide an efficient way to connect with multiple travel agencies at once and are a popular way to sell rooms last-minute. Another advantage is that hotel rooms can be offered in bundle deals on these reservation platforms. With the increase in your bookings, the initial set-up fee can be earned back quickly. Well-known players in the GDS industry include Amadeus, AIC Travel Group, SynXis, and ATEL.

Global Distribution System

Maintain a profitable hotel distribution strategy

The previously mentioned partners are great for your online exposure, but how do maximise the profitability of your online distribution strategy? Cubilis generates easy-to-interpret reports, so you can gain insight into the effectiveness of your distribution channels. Based on this data, you can make adjustments where necessary.  

Offering the right prices at the right time is crucial. Revenue Management Systems (RMS) like RevControl and RoomPriceGenie help you optimise your pricing strategy and increase your RevPAR significantly. With a partner like this, you can speed up and automate your daily rate management thanks to the integration with your Channel Manager.  

Keep in mind that the key to a profitable hotel distribution strategy is finding a healthy balance between indirect and direct bookings. In other words, don’t forget about your direct channels: your website with integrated Booking Engine and your social media. Boost your direct sales further by partnering with a Payment Service Provider. This ensures a smooth booking and paying experience from start to finish, which encourages guests to complete the reservation.

Cubilis Channel Manager connects you to the right partners

Our Channel Manager is a must-have tool to optimise your hotel’s online visibility and distribution strategy. It gives you access to the right partners and allows you to manage all your channels from one central place. Want to discover the many benefits? Request your free trial through the form below!