#1 – Optimise your pricing strategy

A well thought out pricing strategy is key to renting out your rooms as effectively as possible. The right pricing increases your ADR, your RevPAR and your revenue. When determining the right prices,  it’s important to define your target audience as well as to analyse the occupancy rates of previous years.

When you adopt a dynamic pricing strategy, you don’t just respond to supply and demand, but you also adjust your prices according to:

  • Your target audience
  • Seasons, long weekends or events
  • Prices of competitors
  • The weather

PS: Did you know Cubilis automatically visualises statistics of your accommodations in clear dashboards? A useful additional tool that helps you determine the right strategy!

Dashboard to determine the right pricing strategy!

#2 – Offer arrangements

Travellers are always on the lookout for interesting deals. That’s why it’s definitely worthwhile to offer enticing packages of an overnight stay with an additional component such as a dinner, free bike rental, an excursion in the area, a local attraction, etc. With creative arrangements, you can provide your customers with the total experience they are currently longing for. Make the most of events in the area and special occasions (e.g. Easter, Mother's Day) or extended weekends.

Cubilis allows you to create diverse arrangements and to adjust the minimum stay in a fast and user-friendly way. You can then highlight your package deals on your website by adding an attractive picture, an appealing description and an eye-catching button. Make sure to keep potential guests informed about special offers by promoting them through all your channels (website, social media, e-mailing).

Offer arrangements

#3 – Set up your rate plans

Organise your Channel Manager properly with the right rate plans. That way, you’re perfectly prepared for the upcoming season. With Cubilis, you always start from a standard rate plan, but there are many more options:

  • You can create different rate plans with specific restrictions.
  • Using the business module, you can easily set up a rate plan for companies with a login code.
  • Add extras like bike rental, a bottle of champagne in the room, …
  • Create a Last Minute or Early Bird rate plan to convince both late and early deciders.
  • ...

Convince visitors with adjusted conditions. For example, introduce a rate plan from 7 days prior to arrival with low-price non-refundable reservations and flex offers at a higher price. This way the guest gets an attractive rate and you have the guarantee that the room will bring in revenue. You can also give travellers that final push with promotions. Create a generally applicable discount code or a rate plan with a discount code. You could, for example, offer a Spring Deal with free bike rental included or an attractive discount on the BAR rate. Want to draw more people to your website? Launch a campaign on your social media channels with a link to the booking engine with the discount code already filled in.

Set up your rate plans

#4 – Manage your availabilities

Don’t forget to properly update your availabilities. Spring comes with a number of holidays and extended weekends. These are the most popular dates for travellers to book a trip. Do not waste this opportunity and make sure that your settings for these days are already taken care of. Optionally, you can include Easter Monday and Whit Monday in your weekend plan.

Also make sure that guests can make reservations long enough in advance if they want to. We recommend being bookable at least one year in advance. This is because returning clients often re-book for the following year.

Manage your availabilities

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